It’s important that vulnerable heart failure patients on Medicare have access to vital infusion therapy at home – the most safe, comfortable, cost-effective and convenient location.

Read on as patients and providers explain the benefits of home infusion care, and how lives would have been impacted by the reimbursement gap caused by the Cures Act.

Physician Stories

  • Dr. Andrew Darlington

  • Dr. David Markham

  • Dr. Luanda Grazette

  • Dr. Todd Hrabak

Patient Stories

  • Adam Mandarakas

  • Betty MacNamee

  • Catherine Lipps

  • Cindy Murphy

  • John Ryals

  • Julie LeVoir

  • Merle Jesme

  • Roy Lee

  • Virginia Ronning

  • Jeff Riordan

  • Phoebe LeDoux

  • Joe McAvoy

  • Mr. and Mrs. Green